Education & Security

The Mission – “Planting 5G Circles”

for Education Security

  • Provide Circle Gx 5G-PaaS and IaaS for remote classroom


Target-un-served students with broadband access

Bridge Digital Divide-target unconnected urban and

rural markets for broadband deployment

What is the driving force?

  • The rising demand for remote access during a continued pandemic or national emergency
  • Homework Gap 
  • Remote Workers 
  • Remote Learning 
  • The need for low-latency networks for mission- critical communications for real-time classroom instruction

The Three Key Components to Private LTE

LTE Small Cell


Made up of cell sites

called eNodeB.

eNodeBs allow mobile

devices to connect into

the mobile network.

Lessons learned:


Precision time protocol

Signal strength proper authorization

Virtual Core


The Evolved Packet Core or EPC

represents the LTE core network,

the essential infrastructure

elements necessary for an LTE

wireless network

Lessons learned:

Network configuration is key

Understanding maximum

transmission unit

Radio Access Network


Spectrum Access System


Provided by companies, such as

CommScope, the SAS allows Circle

GX to use the shared spectrum of

CBRS safely and without

interfering with critical

communications of government

and military agencies.

Lessons learned:


Deciphering logs and alarms

Working with vendors


The main problem we must overcome is Infrastructure cost to connect students in urban and rural areas. According to the Dallas Federal Reserve's recent research report, 42 million Americans in urban areas lack home internet access. Add COVID-19, and we not only have a pandemic, we are at high risk for not being able to educate the youth of this country. It's estimated in Illinois that 5 Million school children are compromised.


The challenge is building the "Planted Circle" for bridging the digital divide. The future of the internet 

and digital divide will persist, as long as our local communities will allow it. When we become conscious of the damages of the digital divide and how it limits our children’s participation in society, then change will be imperative. Then, the real focus can turn to their “Education Security”, our “Job Security” and everyone’s Health Security. This will birth a new revolution of self-reliance and technology will become the liberator. 

Peter C. Goodwin CEO of Circle Gx


Circle Gx has teamed with institutional investors and partners to provide capital for local schools and government. The structured funding is designed to support commercial deployments, with its end goal to close the digital divide. The strategy of these financing structures is to facilitate minimal exposure for the institutions in need via leveraging commercial-grade financing. We also bring all applicable government grants as securitization to further our mission. Circle Gx wants to work with all local organizations to realize this opportunity and begin providing the Mission of Operation "Education Security."