Planting 5G Circles in Urban

and Rural Communities

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We enable your business to drive engagement, operational efficiency, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams of growth.


Inter-operable and adaptable to any frameworks, interface, gadgets, clients, workers, coordinations, structures, and that's just the beginning

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Market-ready, configurable industry solutions to accelerate your IoT implementations


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Services at a Glance

Fixed Wireless Access

Enable network operators to deliver ultra-high-speed broadband to suburban and rural areas, supporting home and businesses

5G Mobile

Next generation of wireless network technology that will fuel innovation and transform the way we live, work, and play.

Internet Protocol television - IPTV

Delivery of television content over (IP) networks. Offers the ability to stream the source media continuously.


Delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Offers the ability to stream the source media continuously.

Platform as a

Service - PaaS

You gain the ability to build your path to cloud success from any starting point.

Infrastructure as a Services - IaaS

Provide high-level APIs to underlying network infrastructures

IoT Services

Help deliver and manage the disparate parts of IoT, like devices, sensors, security, networks, and platforms.


Enhance your connectivity to the local community via automated financial services and processes.

What We Do

The need for a “Planted Circle.” According to the recent research reports from the Dallas Federal Reserve, 42 million American households lack access to the internet. The digital divide is real, and the urgent need for connectivity is at the forefront. With the recent events of COVID 19, communities un-served will need to face the realities of education security, job security, food security, and health security. It’s of vital importance, 5th generation technology innovations (The Planted Circle) play a role in serving these concerns for businesses and local communities nationwide.

The latest innovations in the 5th generation network will liberate local community businesses and citizens with low-cost broadband access. The real need is “un-served and under-served” broadband connectivity in local communities, and Circle Gx plans to support this demand as a go-to partner in these communities. All over urban and rural American communities, innovation is in a large order for the security and the underlying social needs for our school attending children. As local communities move forward to conquer these challenges with technology innovation, they will find a friend in the Circle GX 5G “Planted Circle.”

Circle Gx is a next-generation wireless internet service provider, offering cloud-based architecture via a virtualized platform built for immediate service delivery. Circle Gx provides the “go-to” model for flexible, resilient, and on-demand infrastructure for Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile Wireless Services, and Private Enterprise LTE and 5G. The Circle Gx platform is designed and operated by a group of distinguished industry veterans with several years of experience in delivering innovative network services. We build End-to-end mobile networks, web-scale architecture, with a Cloud-Native core for “any G” delivery.

We are here for Tier 2 and 3 institutions who are seeking to leap-frog their services into a virtualized world using key innovations such as:

Network Functions Virtualized (NFV)

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)


42 million Americans lack connectivity to broadband services


The consumer market alone will not be enough for ROI of Expensive 5G Network Builds


MNO's are looking to unserved markets and mainly enterprises as the early adopters to 5G


Enterprise 5G services and FWA services will skyrocket as more seek to work from home offices or remote

Dell Founders 50 Club

Circle Gx is a member of Dell Founders 50 Club – Class of 2014. This program provided Circle Gx support from Dell in implementing emerging technologies. The Founders 50 is a program focused on key areas of growth for the member companies:

CEO's of this club have already proven they know how to start and grow a business.

Dell leverages some of the best practices and Networks from today’s accelerators, VC firms, top startup organizations, and then backs them with the power of one of the Worlds largest technology companies.

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