Smart homes are changing the world and making people’s lives easier.

Right now, we have the opportunity to be even more connected with our surroundings. You can be living in a home that could understand you, in the market, there are certain smart devices that can be controlled by voice or your phone, like Amazon Alexa, also known simply as Alexa, a virtual assistant that has a great understanding of the technology. It is capable with its voice recognition software to interacting with you in real-time and do things like creating your to-do list in real-time, providing the weather, news of sports, traffic.

This is one of the new innovative technologies that are becoming tendency in the market, because of transforming thousands of lives and make them focus on what’s important, your comfort.It is forecast to surpass the 350 million mark by 2023 and it’s not a coincidence, you use your mobile phone almost every day and it´s making your life easier, you could talk with your friends, check out the news, but you need to make this with your hand.

Imagine a way when you know what you want and it’s there, at your disposal. Like you enter your house and the lights turn on, the garage door closes when you park your car and even start the oven with your dinner ready to be almost served. This sounds great, right?

This is a reality for thousands of people around the world and this reality could be yours. The only thing you need to do is to have a way to connect your devices and a steady internet connection to make this happen.

And here in CircleGx we offer you an affordable way to make this your new reality. Our top infrastructure can make you reach this interconnectivity in no time.

Join the circle. Join CircleGx today.


by Rogelio Sierra


Why Smart Homes are the Future?

Smart home devices are transforming our lifestyle, making it more convenient and easier.

They help us save time, effort, money and energy while ensuring security and privacy.In this blog, we will talk about smart home devices and introduce you to some of the coolest smart home gadgets on the market for 2022.

Philips Hue Smart Light

Philips Hue provides multiple smart lamps, light bulbs, fixtures and fittings. Whether you need smart lights for the living room, bathroom, backyard, or kitchen, they have the perfect light for you.

Philips Hue smart light has options to gently wake you up, give you a warm welcome when you get home, or help you organize your day with the right kind of lighting. It offers starter kits, light bulbs, light strips, lamps, and accessories like a dimmer, jumpers, and more. You can brighten or dim the light in your room, depending on your preferences. If you're having a party, it can even give you twinkling party lights! It's a smart lighting system with smart controls, Hue Bridge, and smart lights.

Google Smart Thermostat

Control room temperature effectively using Nest Thermostat and save more energy. It helps you elevate your comfort by allowing you to regulate temperature from anywhere and seamlessly monitor your system.Nest thermostat is efficient to save around 15% on your cooling bills and 10-12% on heating bills. You can easily schedule it in the app and adjust the settings at any time using Quick Schedule. The device can automatically turn off once you leave the house, with no wasted energy.

Ring Video Doorbell

You may have a peephole on your front door; you can't see a person if he hides somewhere after knocking on your door. No one can know the person's intentions on the other side of your door.Right now, it's best to protect yourself and your home by using Ring Video Doorbells to see a person's activities when they knock or press the doorbell. It is even possible to take photos and save videos to know who came even when you were away from home.

SwitchBot Smart Window Curtains

Yes, even window shades are getting smarter, so why shouldn't you?

Get the Cortina SwitchBot - a tiny wireless robot - to make your window curtains smart and motorized. It can be installed in 30 seconds, and once it is attached to the curtains, you can quickly close and open the curtains with a connected smartphone.Apart from this, you can also program the automatic opening/closing of the curtains. Hassle-free installation, thanks to its award-winning mechanical design. Unlike other smart curtains, you can automate and modernize your current window curtains.

Level Bolt Keyless entry

Transform your locks and make them smart using Level Bolt. This smart lock is made for everyone, giving your family and friends more convenience to enter the house using your voice or phone. It will provide smart security for your home without keys and improve its aesthetics.You can access it from anywhere, control it with your voice, use it with different devices, and enable automation. It works well with Alexa, Ring, and Apple HomeKit.

The world is going through significant technological change, changing how we live. So harness the power of technology and put it to work for you while saving time, energy and effort.

by Rogelio Sierra


 Best smart home devices of 2022

Which Cell phone plan would best suit your needs in 2022? 

First, you have to identify your needs and know what to expect when choosing a particular solution. In addition, operators regularly set up promotional offers that allow you to take advantage of a 2022 mobile plan at a derisory price. So how best to choose the best quality/price ratio according to your criteria?You should know that every week, the offers evolve because of the trends of technology, 5G, and high-speed networks. If you take a mobile plan at the time, it may no longer be available a few days later.

Brands without commitment sometimes have very generous promotions. You have to know how to seize the opportunity at the right time.

Generally speaking, cell phone plans are split into cheaper 'prepaid' options and more expensive 'postpaid options. In a nutshell, prepaid plans don't have contracts, feature smaller data allowances, but also have way cheaper monthly costs. Conversely, postpaid plans are probably going to be for you if you're data-hungry and don't mind spending a little more. You'll find options for both in our roundup of the best cell phone plans, plus a whole frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page. If you're struggling to figure out the best cell phone plan for you or want some money-saving tips, we highly recommend you.

Decide your budget:

First thing's first, determine the upper limit of how much you're willing to spend per month. Then, set the data usage. As a rule of thumb, more data equals higher bills, so work out how much you use per month.

Check coverage!

Nearly all carriers use Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. And Finally, but not less important, compare the market. Check out both postpaid and prepaid options on the network you get the best coverage with.

There’s more to finding a great deal than just going for the cheapest phone plan, but knowing what to look for can help you see past marketing buzzwords to find a provider and mobile phone plan that work for you.

by Rogelio Sierra



Let's talk about technology, about high-speed internet. Talk about the possibilities that a company can offer at the most affordable prices. 5G and all its connectivity possibilities. Let's talk about CircleGx.Technology is an unprecedented tool and has become a necessity for our society. That is why we have decided to take it to every home that needs it.

Every family deserves the opportunity to connect and enjoy the benefits of this new digital world. 5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more efficient user experience to more users.

Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connect new industries. We are CircleGx, a company with the mission of connecting our community and giving them optimal and high-quality service. We are the next-generation wireless internet service provider, offering cloud-based architecture via a virtualized platform built for immediate service delivery. 

CircleGx provides the go-to model for flexible, resilient, and on-demand infrastructure for Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile Wireless Services, and Private Enterprise LTE and 5G. It is on a mission to take broadband infrastructure to the next level by innovating through technology and keeping people connected.

Our next-generation 5G network will support the community by creating affordable and accessible Wi-Fi for everyone, with no exceptions. We are dedicated to making high-quality broadband services more accessible than ever before and, at the same time, inspiring our nation.We believe in digitization and transformation by offering the best available technology for a low price. Unlike other companies, we have a framework of specific solutions that can help education issues, economy, energy savings, remote security, and telehealth security.

The Circle Gx team has played a part in each generation of the IT and Mobile infrastructure roadmap over the past 40 years. We are a harmonious collective of the best management, engineering, marketing, and product delivery. We are committed to innovating in our field of expertise. Working as a team to improve every aspect of our internal processes. Obtain the perfect balance between opportunity and the successes of our past. We work with dedication and determination, with the passion that characterizes us and motivates us to move forward.Learn more about us in our social media, and be part of the Inner Circle.

by Carlos Gallo