LTE to 5G Digital Enterprise

The Circle Gx “Planted Circle” for Enterprise. There is no doubt the recent events of COVID 19 has increased the demand for remote worker tools. The leader for this tool is broadband access and while many could easily pull up a seat to a laptop computer in a home office and connect without issue, companies will now want to really consider security. The Circle Gx “Planted Circle” cloud -native solution brings end-to-end product architecture that bridges the divide between LTE / 5G and enterprise networks.

Features & Benefits:

Cloud Native Edge

The Planted Circle cloud-native software architecture is designed to scale from one to thousands of access points without losing a beat. It's private mobile network core can be deployed on-premises, reducing network latency for connected apps and improving data privacy.

End to End

The Planted Circle centralized SIM and network management, all of the Planted Circle LTE / 5G network components are delivered in an integrated form. Indoor and outdoor access points and mobile core are deployed with zero-touch, integrating directly with an existing enterprise network.

Artificial Intelligence

The Planted Circle virtualized automation is designed to meet application level SLA requirements and KPI based health reporting. Self-Organizing Network (SON) functions translate dynamic spectrum multi network sharing models to wireless infrastructure configuration in real-time.